Personal Success: Skill gets us to the door… the person we become opens unlimited doors of opportunity. We have more when we become more. Happiness comes from within in true personal success.

Success can be defined simply by one’s ability to provide food and shelter for themselves and family. In that definition everyone must succeed. Everyone must strive for success. Should we sacrifice quality of food going for the quality of shelter? Should we sacrifice quality of either in pursuit of the transportation needed to achieve success? Do we need a prestigious car or practical? Certainly we can succeed more and enjoy more of what we refer to as “the finer things of life”, yet again we must consider the sacrifices and balance of our lives.

A Good Idea will be to become more while maintaining life’s balance to obtain greater and deeper personal success. 



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For things to change...

posted Sep 11, 2016, 4:05 PM by Dan Harrington

For things to change we have to change, for things to get better we have to get better. In this challenge we are asked to make changes. We have and share the tools to get results but still takes change on our part to be successful. No waiting around for everything else to change. We have no control over everything or everyone else; we do have control of ourselves.

We're going to take change one step at a time. Simply getting just a little better each day and if we stumble and fall, we get up the next morning and start on the step we fell on.With these changes we can go beyond the 12 weeks of the challenge. We can continue to get better and better and get better results each day.

Simple changes repeated day after day will lead us to the result we desire. No reason for us to make it complicated and get overwhelmed, we need only be serious about the simple changes and success will come.

Keep it simple... take it serious... and we will be up to the challenge.

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