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Idea: HealthCare

posted Jul 26, 2016, 9:16 PM by Dan Harrington

Had to put this under Healthcare so you could find it, but insurance that pays MEDICAL BILLS is not caring for your health it is covering medical expenses when your health falters. Most people in good health find themselves paying high insurance premiums only to never reach their deductible which means they never get to actually use of their medical insurance they have paid so much for.

If you and your family are in good health with healthy habits and share in Christian faith you have a health care option that is truly "Affordable!", Medi-Share.This is not insurance but was founded in 1993 on solid principles. You will not need to worry about the mandate to purchase health insurance or pay costly penalties and fees, members are exempt through a special provision in the Affordable Care Act.

Take a look for yourself. Believe you will be glad you did.