Lifestyle: The quantity of quality time spent on and doing the things life is about. Being able to "Own Our Life". Up to us to make the choices with the ideas. We also cannot expect great lifestyle if we haven’t put the effort into designing and creating it. We neither need to wait for financial success nor to spend what we don't have in designing our lifestyle.


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Lifestyle: How to

posted Aug 11, 2016, 7:23 PM by Dan Harrington

Lifestyle is not only what we have, it is what we have in us. No matter how successful... no matter how great our lifestyle... we can always use coaching or mentoring. 

All the great athletes have coaches and mentors for all the parts of their lives that lead them to succeed. Though many have succeeded, yet without mentoring and listening to mentors their lifestyle did not actually match their success and often they lose everything. Let's look for the coaches and mentors that make sense for us.

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