What have you tried before? How well did it work? Maybe you tried Herbalife before but possibly we can coach you to successful results? Did you know Herbalife is more than weight loss? 
Let us make the difference for you!!!
Simple Serious Nutrition, we are going to narrow down the use of Herbalife product to make certain it is Simple. We will be asking you to be Serious about achieving your results. Herbalife will provide the Nutrition our bodies need.

Our team of Herbalife Wellness Coaches...

Dan & Orlyn Harrington

Email: BlueHouseNutrition@gmail.com
Leeman Harrington*

How does it work? 
  1. Pick your coach/distributor. If you have met them or answered their ad then you know who your coach is. If you don't have a coach, pick the one who currently has the asterisk after their name.
  2. Register at our coach's GoHerbalife Product website if you have not done so. Registering gives you access to pricing and shopping including product labels should you need to read them. 
  3. Click on your coach's name below to go to their page. There you will find out more about them, their suggestions, further contact information, how to get product discount, etc. By all means feel free to text or Facebook message your coach. If you are ready to purchase, certainly welcome to go straight to it.